The Service Guild 🤎

The Service Guild 🤎

The Service Guild is a funprofessional working co-operative focused on creating fun service projects aimed at maximum deep benefit (benefitting as many beings as possible, as deeply as possible). We currently have Love, Curiosity, and Empowerment Departments.


We do not want to be a company, we do not want to be a nonprofit, we do not want to be in government. We want to do something different, because the affordances that have been made available to us are insufficient for what’s in front of us, for our future—not only for the external world and what it needs, but for our souls, and what is being asked of us spiritually.

We rise to the challenge of meeting that occasion as friends first and foremost. We are friends and heroes, brothers and sisters, kings and queens, wizards and witches, sorcerers and sorceresses who are in relationship with one another and as a community, where there are webs of relationships being woven between the people.

From that basis of relationships of mutual love, trust, care, respect, we decide, we elect, voluntarily, as volunteers to choose to do service projects together that resonate for us as friends.

We may never make money from this, this may never be understood by anyone other than us, but we feel called to do this.

We feel this will be fun for us individually and collectively, and we feel this will be of benefit to the world and all beings. We give it as a gift out of a spirit of generosity.

That is our magick, that is our desire, that is our prayer.

Love ❤️

We want to spread love in the world. We aim to practice, demonstrate, and share a style of practice that we call “Love.” It is focused around mettā, the brahmavihārās, and other positive, wholesome qualities of the heart (e.g. gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, generosity, laughter/humor, acts of kindness, etc.).

We joyfully demonstrate the more loving world we want to live in. We practice love ourselves, and demonstrate it with our lives. We aspire to be capable of feeling intense loving kindness at all times and radiating it throughout the whole universe. We demonstrate love, kindness, presence, curiosity, grace, expanded awareness, and encouragement in everything that we do. We have so much fun together that our lives and the world are irrevocably more loving.

We want to help as many people as possible to feel mettā, the brahmavihārās, and other positive qualities in their heart, and to begin to cultivate those feelings. We create educational materials (guided meditations, books, events, etc.) that help people practice love at scale.

We want to identify and catalyze especially loving beings in our network, and help them to manifest their love and kindness in ways that radically transform their lives and the people they are connected to.

We aspire for this practice and the culture around it to be modern, relevant, and resonant, by making it fun, cool, inspiring, sexy, hot, interesting, hype, pop, etc. We do so by incorporating it into various domains of culture, including:

  • Dance: We run dance parties designed to help people practice loving kindness and the brahmavihārās with dance and music.
  • Music: We make music that is resonant with love, in collaboration with musicians, producers, DJ’s and other creatives. We are trying to create a genre, mettāwave, that is like progressive trance or deep house, but designed for practicing with loving kindness and the brahmavihārās.
  • Art: We make beautiful, resonant, cool visual art that expresses love, that inspires us and others.
  • Relationships, Sex, Poly: We are sex-positive, poly-friendly, and encourage love to manifest through friendships and relationships of all kinds.
  • Drugs: We have a liberal view of the Buddhist 5th Precept—discouraging addiction, heedlessness, or harm, but knowing that psychedelics, empathogens, and other substances can be useful aids for practice and the spiritual path.


We are learners, and we see our lives and this very universe as a school. For us, our curiosity is sacred, and learning is an act of worship. Learning is endless—there are always more questions, there is always more to be curious about, there is always more to learn.

We aspire to be happy learners, learning and growing and flourishing in our lives, shining brightly in our own singular magnificence. We reflect on what our nature is, what we are curious to learn about, and how we wish to do so, and embark on learning as a journey into a more complex, interesting, fulfilling life for ourselves and the world.

Our learning process begins with noticing, trusting, and following our questions, our curiosities, and our interests. We do not know where they will lead us, but we trust that they will guide us forward through the complexity of our lives and the mysteries of the world.

Divergence: We create learning plans to explore our curiosity: reading books; having conversations; taking online courses; working with teachers, mentors, and coaches; and creating, unique individualized learning experiments or field trips. As we learn, we digest our learning through note-taking, conversation, journaling, and reflection.

Convergence: As we learn, we synthesize what we learn, so that it can be shared with others. We leave the breadcrumbs we wish we’d found when we became interested in a given topic. Ideally, it is easier for others to learn about a topic because we have learned about it. To the extent that our learning leads to novel ideas and new connections between existing ideas, we share those developments with the world. What we learn, the whole world learns.

Throughout this process, we support each other as learning partners—fellow stewards of the flame of curiosity, shepherds of the insights born of following our respective curiosities. We keep track of what we’re learning about individually and collectively, providing accountability and support along the way, and sharing what we find in deep, rich conversation.

Over time, we are able to fold more learners into our process. This gradually takes the shape of a school, a voluntary academy of curious humans consensually electing to continue their learning process, steering by their questions, curiosities, and joy. At this scale, we are able to support more and more learners, with bigger questions and larger learning projects. This will accelerate our collective rate, breadth, and depth of learning, for the benefit of all.

Empowerment 🪄

We believe that everyone alive has a vow—a life purpose, calling, or vocation—that we are here to discover and give to the world. One’s vow is discovered iteratively, through trial and error, play and experimentation. It is emergent, rather than fated or pre-destined. It arises from the meeting of what we want and what the world needs.

We aim to identify wise, loving, powerful, beneficent, skilled, cool people—heroes—that we are well-positioned to help, and to catalyze their vow. We spend time getting to know them: listening to them, asking them questions, learning about where they are at in their lives, what their goals and dreams are. We develop a deep understanding of who they are, and reflect what we see back to them, as mirrors in a dark room, guides along a singular path.

We then co-create a service project—a questwith them. A service project is a fun, challenging project that is aligned with their skills and goals, that they are capable of doing at their current skill level, that will help them to grow, and will be of benefit to the world. We understand designing, executing, and completing a service project—giving a gift—to be an actionable way for the people we work with to move towards living their vow.

We are building a community of people who are orienting towards using their skills and giving their gifts in service to the world—a tribe of heroes, embarking on quests for the benefit of all. These people can see each other, encourage each other, and support each other, becoming friends and allies and collaborators, collectively developing the skills and capacity to do more and more service projects with larger and larger positive impacts.

As our community grows, we will be able to establish an infrastructure and a pipeline for larger scale impacts. We will be able to connect the people we work with with the collaborators, mentors, money, skills, and resources that they need to flourish in giving their gift and living their vow.

We aspire to bring about a heavenly realm—a realm where everyone alive is living their vow, for the joy and benefit of all.